Arbor Longboards Review – What is the Best Arbor Longboard?

Arbor Longboards Review – What is the Best Arbor Longboard?

November 9, 2014 8 By Chad Smith

We have been asked by numerous visitors to complete an Arbor Lonbgoards Review, so we thought we’d do so. Longboards from Arbor are famous for their unique feel, appearance and raw performance. These boards are made of Hawaiian Koa wood which are very popular in the history of surfing and also the history of Hawaii in general. Koa wood can only be spotted on the main Island of Hawaii, mainly due to the elevation that it generally grows at. So here is our Arbor longboards review and we have reviewed four of the best longboards from this brand.

Arbor Longboards Review

From our reviews below, these longboards are as good as Jet and Quest Longboards. Our personal favourite from the Arbor range is the Arbor Complete Longboard.

Arbor Timeless Pin 46 Bamboo Longboard Deck

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This board comes in a classic tapered carver shape which has been created out of a blend of maple and bamboo – a combination of 6 ply maple with bamboo ply. It is 46 inches in length and 9.5” in width. It has a wheelbase of 32.25″ and the sucrose formula wheels have 72mm 75a diameter. The chassis sports Nanami Cowdroy Koi fish graphic and water based finishes which gives it an earthly appearance. The board has ABEC 5 bearings, Recycled 1/8″ risers and 10″ Gullwing Charger trucks. A transparent, lucid grip tape holds it all together.

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Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard

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This is a drop-through longboard which comes with a mildly reverse camber shape that can assist you in springing in and out of carves. This cruiser is made of a bend of bamboo and wood. This symmetrical board allows a smooth performance and its drop-through truck mounting helps you to stay lower to the surface to power through your slides and turns. The board measures 40 x 8.8″ in dimensions and has a 30″ wheelbase. The body sports a Nanami Cowdroy black and white coi bottom graphic and the Sucrose Freeride wheels of 72mm, 78a durometer have Abec 5 bearings and 10″ Caliber reverse-cutback trucks. It has a recycled glass top grip.

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Arbor Pin Koa Complete Longboard, 46-Inch

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The deck of this board is a plain classic design which looks very retro, The deck is 46 inches long and mildly flexible. It allows a very comfortable ride no matter what sort of terrain you find yourself on. The traditional shape of the Pintail helps riders to make complete usage of the entire surface area of the board and also maintain stability at speeds that are comparatively higher. Each of the decks comes with a one of a kind Koa veneer on top. It has a classic shape which has been devised for open-stance, smooth skating. It comes with a substantial wheelbase and a wide concave platform for optimum stability, speed and push.

This is the best longboard from our Arbor Longboard Reviews.

Arbor Rally Complete Longboard, 33-Inch

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The board comes with the vibe of old school surf and sports a short kicktail and wheelbase which helps riders to turn in and out of busy traffic with absolute ease. The full set comprises of the board along with Arbor SI Bogart 61mm 82a wheels that come with Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5″ trucks and ABEC 5 Bearings. If you are looking for a good new longboard, any of these units from the Arbor line of longboards can be a perfect choice.

So is this the best from our Arbor Longboards Review? You decide!