Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Atom Pintail Longboard Review

November 2, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

The Atom Pintail Longboard is an ideal entry-level longboard from Atom, which is a reputed name in the manufacturing of longboards. If you have only started out in longboarding, this can be a perfect option to start with. So read our Atom Pintail Longboard review below. We think you will love the ability and the balance offered by this board.

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Features of the Atom Pintail Longboard

The board has a maple laminate deck which offers an extremely smooth finish. It provides riders with springiness and durability. The upper deck side is completely covered with grip tape. As you go along, your feet are able to stick to the board in dry as well as wet weather. The lower side has an elaborate and colorful design. It has a strong and sturdy deck and it is not as lightweight as in some premium boards that you can find these days.
It has 8.5 inches wide aluminum trucks which offer stability while turning corners and cruising at high speeds. The 65mm 78A urethane wheels can offer a smooth gliding experience and perfect traction. The wheels consist of ABEC 5 bearings which can make the board smoother in motion.
The board has a fluid and solid feel while you are cruising on it. This is a wide board and it offers you the security and the confidence that you require while moving at higher speeds.

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The longboard has a perfect design. It is super smooth to ride and its splendid design allows riders to move in a relaxed manner while skating which adds to the joy of the activity. The board is quite low-cost and it can be a perfect choice even for novices with no experience in riding.
The board has a classic pintail shape and offers a solid platform for the purpose of cruising. It has a solid wheel base which offers you perfect stability at the time of cruising at higher speeds. This board has a responsive and very agile design which helps you to maneuver it sharply when you are cruising down a hill. The board is elongated as much at the front as at the rear. It has a classic, surf-inspired shape and the fact that it is stable and aerodynamic ensures proper security while you are riding on it.


The wheel bite of the board, where the rubbing of the wheels against the longboard makes it stop quite instantly, is a problem when you are turning very hard. However, this is an issue that you can encounter with almost any longboard in the market and it is not a flaw that can only be found in the Atom Pintail board.

The Atom Pintail Longboard Review – 8 out of 10

For beginner to intermediate riders, this can be a perfect board. It is a very well-made and well-designed board and the setup is quite fluid from the very first time that one starts to use it. It appears great to the eyes and can feel perfect while riding. This is a well designed, feature-loaded longboard that should make this one of the best pintail longboards in our view.