Best Cheap Longboards Guide – 4 Budget Longboards Recommended

Best Cheap Longboards Guide – 4 Budget Longboards Recommended

November 4, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Longboarding has been ‘in’ for many years now and the popularity of this sport shows no sign of waning. These days, you can find teens as well as many grown-ups using these boards. But like many other products on the market at the moment, we want to find the best cheap longboards.

The 4 best cheap longboards to consider…

Here are the longboards that we recommend for people with a low budget.

Atom Mini Pin-Tail Longboard

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The board consists of a 24″ wheel base that helps you easily take sharp turns. The full deck span of 29″ allows you a lot of room and you can securely place your feet over the deck and not feel limited. The board has loose trucks and once you tighten them, the performance will be improved. The full-maple laminate deck of the unit has traditional longboard trucks (217mm axles) and it is fitted with 65x35mm super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels consisting of ABEC 5 bearings. Everything is held together by a high quality 80S grip tape. You can use it to ride on varied terrains quite easily and even when you are riding down hills at high speeds, the secure footing will help you feel safe.

The Atom Mini Pintail is one of the best cheap longboards on sale.

Drop Down Longboard Deck 9.4 x 38 Natural Concave Maple – Symmetrical Shape

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It comes with a .4″ x 38″ Canadian Maple Longboard Deck with a Wheelbase of 29.125″. The board has a one of a kind shape and its mid section is lower than the spot where you find the trucks to be mounted. As compared to the standing platform, the trucks are placed higher actually and this grants more stability at high speeds.

The drop down is one of the best cheap longboards.

Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruiserboard

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This board is perfect for beginners and offers excellent durability. If you love retro designs and style, the Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruise Board is your thing. Its shape and size are reminiscent of the traditional boards of yesteryears. The unit is available in a wide range of colors and it can cope well with the wear and tear in a quite impressive manner. The model comes with a lifetime warranty for the trucks. The board itself has a guarantee for 30 days. This plastic Cruiser measures 24” x 7” and has 4.25” Slant Trucks and 62mm/83a conical wheels with Abec 7 Precision Speed bearings. It has a high tensile hardware and comes with excellent performance and ability to ride.

Globe Hg Retro Ripper Cruiserboard is one of the best cheap longboards. 62% off on Amazon right now

Downhill Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Red Stained Bottom Gripped 9″x36″

This is an amazing board and is perfect to use for varied kinds of terrains. It allows you to maintain a lower center of gravity, which is just excellent for riding on different surfaces. The board helps you to keep a low center of gravity. The unit is extremely stable and offers great speed, traction and ability to slide. It can allow you to retain a lot of responsiveness that comes with a top mount.

This is one of the best cheap longboards for sale - priced at around $35!