Best Longboard Brands Guide – Which Brand sells the Best Longboards?

Best Longboard Brands Guide – Which Brand sells the Best Longboards?

November 3, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

As many as 750,000 individuals have been estimated to ride longboards in the US alone. With increasing interest in the use of longboards, a lot of longboard companies have risen to compete with the earlier innovators and it can be hard to choose the best longboard brands. Longboard manufacturers, in a bid to offer the best type of longboards to their varied customers, are coming up with new technologies continuously. They are also experimenting with fresh materials and making new wheels as well as designing boards in newer styles. This has offered longboarders a wider choice of boards that they can select from. Read on to educate yourself on the best longboard brands in the market today.

So what are the Best Longboard Brands?

Sector 9

Our recommendation – Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Lookout II Green Wave Complete Downhill Longboard
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Sector 9 are one of the most reputed names in longboard manufacturing. The boards from this brand consist of a wide variety of flexible as well as stiff board designs. They have been able to successfully design boards which can be adapted to any style. Their boards can satisfy the needs of even the riders who are most demanding. Whether you wish to carve from one side to the other, hurtle downhill or cruise around the neighborhood, you will be able to get a perfect board for the purpose from Sector 9.


Sector 9 is one of the best longboard brands.


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The company is a unique one and consists of a small cluster of people with a shared passion for snowboard riding. The specialists of this company have designed a terrific range of some of the most high-quality and diverse boards in the market. The stock consists of EVO Green Flytrap, Bamboo Battle Axe, Switch Bullet and various other brands.

Landyachtz are one of the best longboard brands


This company creates boards which are perfect for people who want to enjoy a good ride without spending a lot of money. They have starter boards which offer perfect rides to beginners. Atom is also the company which is regarded as a pioneer in the domain of mountain boarding. We’ve already done an in-depth review of the Atom Pintail Longboard and the Atom Drop Through Longboard.

Our recommendation – Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)

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Atom are one of the best longboard brands


The makers of this brand realize that high quality boards can be made without spending a lot on their creation. Naturally, over the last few years, they have been able to design the most effective and low cost longboards in the market. These offer a memorable and smooth experience to first-time boarders as far as a ride is concerned. Some of the boards included in this brand are Green Flame, Wood Sunset and Logo 2. Here is our review of Krown Longboards.

Our Recommendation – Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard Skateboard

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Krown are one of the best longboard brands

Surf One

This manufacturer has been able to create a great reputation for making boards of perfect design and which can be sold at an affordable cost. The Surf One longboards like the Robert August and the Classic are praised for their elegant and complete appearance and the company makes some of the best boards that one can find in the market today in our opinion.

Our Recommendation – Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard

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Surf One are one of the best longboard brands on the market at the moment.

Globe Longboards

When it comes to versatility and excellent appearance, the Globe Longboards are what many riders prefer to go for. The boards are examples of versatile designs and the company is known for high-quality offerings like the Cruiser, the Zodiac and the Prowler.

Our Recommendation – Globe Hg Geminon Longboard

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Globe are one of the best longboard brands