Best Longboard Gloves Guide – What Protective Longboard Gloves to Buy?

Best Longboard Gloves Guide – What Protective Longboard Gloves to Buy?

November 14, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Trying to find the best longboard gloves can be very difficult. For anyone who is prepared to take his or her longboarding activities to the highest level, investing in a pair of good slide gloves can be a sensible decision in order to protect your hands. The gloves we have reviewed below offer great protection whilst maximising comfort. If you do downhill longboarding, your hands will come into contact with the tarmac of the road, so buying the best longboard gloves is crucial for your safety. Based on your experience level, there are many options that you can select from. Please remember to check out our articles for other safety equipment such as helmets and grip tape designs.

Best Longboard Gloves

Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

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These gloves have tear-resistant Kevlar fingertips and are fitted with replaceable and removable round slider pucks along with an additional set of slider bars which can connect your fingertips. The gloves have a wrap-around Velcro wrist strap of heavy-duty standards which can ensure a perfect fit. The gloves have a full top grain leather construction.

These Triple 8 gloves are the best longboard gloves available for sale on Amazon at the moment.

Sector 9 BHNC Slide Glove, Blue, Large/X-Large

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The gloves have Delrin Pucks for speed control and smooth slide capabilities. On the top panels, there is cuff Reflective print and you can also get Neoprene comfort knuckle panel. There is Kevlar fabric of extra-durable quality at the finger tips. The Terry thumb panel can allow wiping of sweat automatically. There is anti-vibration foam of 3mm thickness under palm puck and Velcro Sonic weld patch as well as strap detailing. You will also love the palm Velcro and extra strong twin needle at the stress areas of the gear.

These Sector 9 gloves are some of the best longboarding gloves on the market.

Loaded Longboard Skateboard Freeride Slide Gloves V6 With Pucks Size S/M

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This pair has been constructed with strong wrist protection, which comprises of a serious wrist strap and a removable foam pad. With breathable mesh top, reflective lining and Nylon/Kevlar construction, the unit comes with extra Velcro for thumb pucks and the palm and Velcro for fingers. There are hard plastic finger pucks, UHMW palm pucks and new UHMW round thumb puck. For extra support, there is Neoprene and Velcro wrist wrap. It has a ballistic grade nylon construction and Kevlar reinforced breathable mesh top.

Loaded offers great longboarding gloves which offer superior protection.

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves – Full Finger

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The gloves are of durable quality and have been constructed out of goatskin which is double stitched with heavy duty nylon thread. The fingertips get additional protection due to the full finger coverage. These have been designed especially to serve downhill riding requirements and protect the palms and fingers properly even in case of a slippage and fall.

The Hillbilly gloves are one of the best longboard gloves available

Bern Men’s Haight Leather Full Finger Longboard Gloves

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These flexible gloves have a leather construction and sport, comfy neoprene cuff along with wide wrist cinch. The safety factor is enhanced due to the presence of the custom Delrin palm puck, synthetic suede palm and synthetic Nubuck thumb and back of hand protection. All the stress areas have been focused on a lot by the makers to ensure that the palm and the fingers stay protected at the time of riding and suffer not even a scratch or minor cut. These truly are one of the best longboard gloves available to buy right now.

These Bern gloves are excellent longboard gloves that offer fantastic protection.