Best Longboard Helmet Guide – What Helmet Should I Choose?

Best Longboard Helmet Guide – What Helmet Should I Choose?

November 14, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Are you looking for the best longboard helmet? It is very important to wear a helmet, as it can reduce the risk of an acute head injury and save your life in case of an accident. A longboard helmet of a perfect quality and fit can manage to save your life and it is essential to wear one every time that you go longboarding at very fast speeds. There are various types of helmets that you can select from. Sometimes it can be a challenge to identify the best longboard helmet, so we thought we’d review the following helmets.

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Best Longboard Helmet

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

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This is a perfect helmet which offers necessary protection for all types of longboarding. It has not been designed for bicycle use in mind. The product has been devised with a Sweatsaver liner which can help eliminate smells, aswell as stopping the possibility of eye blurring and stinging due to sweat. The moisture-wicking layers in the  liner can reduce sweat dripping and there is also an anti-bacterial treatment which helps to render the Triple 8 helmet virtually stink-proof! The product has a 360° wrap around design which ensures that no part of your head is on show. The terry cloth construction of the helmet ensures that you do not suffer from itching on your head, which is a very nice feature of this helmet.

This Triple 8 product is probably the best longboard helmet available on Amazon.


Pro-tec Classic Skate Matte Skateboard Helmet

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The helmet boasts of a 2-stage soft foam liner and it has newly been integrated with an EVA crown pad which can keep the product lightweight and comfortable. With a High-Impact ABS shell, 2-Stage soft foam liner and interiors comprising of Nylex Lamination on the 2-stage foam liner, the helmet offers a lot of protection.

This Pro-tec helmet is perfect for protection during longboarding.


Viking Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

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This is an affordable helmet which offers a lot of safety as well as optimal comfort to longboarders at the time of riding. It is fitted with numerous 3 pad sets which can accommodate a variety of head sizes of head up to an incredible 22.5 inches. The product is CPSC Certified.

This is one of the helmets that got top marks in our best longboard helmet review.


BERN Macon Summer Distress Logo EPS Helmet

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The helmet boasts of a sturdy and durable construction. It has a perfect style that can withstand the tests of time and it has been designed in skate style along with clean lines. The 22 1/2 – 23 1/4 inch helmet comes with an ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078 Safety Certification. At the rear is a fit system which can customize the unit to the shape of your head and keep it comfortable and safe. You can buy winter liner separately to make the helmet fit for snowboarding, skiing or bike riding in cold weather, so this is a multi purpose helmet which offers a lot of features for a very competitive price.

The Bern Macon is a great longboard helmet which can be used for snowboarding aswell.


Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

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The helmet has been designed to offer optimum protection at the time of downhill riding. The unit satisfies the ASTM F1952 downhill mountain bike racing standards as well as the CPSC 1203 bike racing standards. The unit has been designed for speed riding and offers an uncompromising performance. With shatter-resistant flip-up visor, hand-laid fiberglass shell, EPS foam liner with velvet lining and aerodynamic styling to reduce wind resistance, the helmet is also equipped with an extra fit pad insert in order to offer a more customized fit.

This is the best longboard helmet which is ideal for maximum protection for downhill longboarding.