Best Mini Cruiser Longboard – What Mini Cruiser to Buy?

Best Mini Cruiser Longboard – What Mini Cruiser to Buy?

October 29, 2015 0 By Chad Smith

Trying to find the best mini cruiser longboard can be difficult. Thrashers, campus cruisers, minis or mini cruisers, you can call these boards by various names but they are all the same. No matter what the term that you use, mini longboards are actually a mini version of longboards which are used for the purpose of cruising. They are small in size, low in weight and can easily be transported. These days, such types of boards are in high demand among pro skaters as well as beginners and it is being predicted that their popularity will continue to rise. Although longboards can be difficult to ride on, a simple knowledge of the basics can be enough for a person to fall in love with these boards and get addicted to them. I know I have!

What is the best mini cruiser longboard?

These mini cruiser longboards come with many varied features, and you should read each product description very carefully so you know what each longboard offers compared to the other. While looking for the best mini cruiser longboard, it is vitally important for you to look at the size. Generally, mini cruiser boards are referred to those which are less than 32 inches in total length. You should also look for other things, such as the size of the foot pedals, shape of the cruiser, kind of material used in their construction, quality of the wheels and trucks and so on. If you are on the lookout for the best mini-cruiser longboard, the ones mentioned here can be great choices for you in our view.

Sector 9 Soup Bowls Bamboo Complete

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This is the best mini cruiser longboard that we have reviewed.

This mini cruiser is constructed of bamboo, and is ideal for cruising down the campus and the streets. It is small in size and only 28.5 inches long. It is made of vertically laminated 5 Ply bamboo which is low in weight, and is eco-friendly. Due to its small size, it can easily be carried around anywhere without any kind of problems.

The board consists of extremely stylish graphics which look very attractive. The cruiser also boasts of superior design which can easily catch the attention of any cruiser. It consists of 8.375-inch Gullwing Mission 1 trucks which are extremely robust and constructed of superior rugged aluminum which gives it a low weight.

It has Soy Compound wheels of 61mm diameter which make it soft and ideal for the purpose of cruising. For smoother rides and greater stability, it has been equipped with ABEC 5 bearings. Sector 9 make boards very long-lasting and smooth in construction. There is transparent grip tape with flat, ½-inch recycled risers which allow fantastic rides and terrific performance. Whether you are an advanced or a beginner longboarder, or someone who is looking for a board from a big brand within a small budget, this mini cruiser can be a good choice.


Yocaher Mini Banana Cruiser Complete

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This is one of the best mini-cruisers that we have reviewed.

This Yocaher is strong in construction, light in weight and comes with what we think is quite a low price tag. At only 27 inches, it is pretty small and can easily be carried around. This longboard has kicktail style and you will find it easy to take a ride on it around a college campus for example. As compared to longer boards of around 38-inch size, shorter ones are easier to ride on and maneuver, so it is ideal for using in built up areas.

The aluminum based trucks supplied with this board are superior in quality and measure around 5 inches. The Yocaher comes with smooth bushings, wheels and ABEC 5 bearings which are strong but smooth enough for beginners. However, skaters who are experienced look for greater durability. They would benefit from using Khiro quarter inch bushings, bigger wheels that are about 70 mm in diameter and Bones Reds bearings. You can get excellent stability and speed with this type of combination, particularly while making tight turns.

The mini banana cruiser’s deck has excellent construction quality and is made of long-lasting 7 Ply maple with transparent varnish paint. It is available in varied colors although most buyers love the one that has a natural wood hue. This is my personal recommendation for the best mini cruiser longboard and you will definitely love to ride Mini Banana Cruiser.


Quest Fishtail Cruiser Complete

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Looking for some of the best mini longboards?

The Quest fishtail is a nice board which is perfect for cruising. At only 5.6 pounds, it is very lightweight and comes with a budget conscious price tag. It is made of 100% hardwood, 7 ply superior maple deck which is extremely small in size at around 27 inches. It is a fast board which is more suited to the advanced longboarder rather than a beginner. The Quest Fishtail looks fantastic aswell.

The accessories supplied with this board are superior in quality. If you are an experienced longboarder, you will love this powerful mini-cruiser and it is easy to adjust the Fishtail to your requirements by opting for smoother bushings and stronger trucks. The size of the mini board is its major advantage, which makes it easier to put it in a backpack or a locker. Its fish tail boasts of a slight kick tail and promises offers greater safety and makes rides more comfortable whilst cruising. All in all, it can be regarded as a stylish package that comes with the combination of comfort and control.


Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard

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This is possibly the best Santa Cruz mini cruiser longboard that we have reviewed.

The Santa Cruz  is an appealing longboard which ranks high on the performance factor. It is 27.7 X 8.8 inch in dimensions and can rival even the best boards in the mini cruiser class. It has a 7-ply concave deck which ensures a strong feel and also leaves some amount flex which is extremely useful. The Powerply offer maximum stability when you are moving through uneven terrains, which I found to be a nice bonus.

The board is made more versatile due to the unique build and shape of its deck. This means that the board can be used to cruise through the streets and also to bomb hills and perform interesting tricks. It has a simple blue and white deck which is completed by a sand spray grip, which offers secure rides in even wet conditions.

It is equipped with Road Rider wheels and Bullet B137 trucks, which makes rolling smoother. Its lower side comprises of amazing shark graphics. We hope these recommendations for the best mini cruiser longboard help you in deciding which mini cruiser to buy.