Best Rated George Foreman Grills Review 2020

February 15, 2020 0 By Chad Smith

If BBQ flavors have your taste buds all tingled with excitement, then firing up that grill is a one-way street, whether it’s full-blown summer or winter. But, what are you to do when there’s no grill insight or (worse) when you’re on a diet? *Gasp*

George Foreman, the former boxing champion, and his line of fat-reducing grilling machines are way ahead of this game. Setting consumers’ nutrition goals as their #1 priority, these indoor grills are everything a health-conscious BBQ lover could ask for.

However, since they first debuted in 1994, a lot of GF models have made their way into our lives and onto our countertops, confusing us as to which ones are really worth the shot. If you are interested in buying one these puppies for yourself, here are the Localsavour George Foreman grills reviews to keep in mind.

George Foreman GGR50B

What sets the GGR50B from the rest of the GR grills is its digital timer with temperature control. It also has a large cooking space at 250 square inches, which means you can easily cook for a party of about a dozen or more people. It also comes with an outdoor stand, so you can use it outdoors in the warm months, or indoors during the colder months. It’s perfectly safe and efficient, and ideal for apartments and small spaces. It is priced slightly higher than the CR144, but still very affordable at under $100.

Multigrill CGH1020D

This large family-sized grill has one ridged and one flat plate, adjustable temperatures between 60C-230C, and a ‘sear’ function. So, unlike the winner, this grill can be set to whatever temperature is required. It can cook up to eight portions at a time and opens up flat too.

The verdict: Cooking times were quick with this model. Veg took eight minutes to grill to perfection and had a great flavor. Using the ‘sear’ button, burgers took just 10 minutes and had a great crust. The grill heated up quickly, taking around three minutes, and the external casing remained cool even at the highest setting.

George Foreman GRP4800R

If you’re looking for advanced features and versatility, the GRP4800R is perfect for you. It lets you grill, bake, sear, saute, toast, griddle and even make waffles! It comes with ceramic grilling plates, a baking dish, and a muffin pan. Plus, it has digital temperature control, which makes it very easy to set your desired temperature and cooking time for precision cooking. It also comes with the trademark George Foreman classic slope, with its adjustable angle so you can choose whether to cook flat or at an angle for fat removal. It’s full of features that make it a versatile cooking item, all for a price under $100.

Optigrill+ XL Grill

This is a large, intuitive grill with options for cooking meat from rare to well-done thanks to its automatic sensor function, but there’s no flat-top mode. It’s a lot more advanced that our winning Tefal model, offering ‘Automatic Sensor Cooking’ which adjusts the cooking time and temperature to fit the thickness of the food being cooked. It has nine different cooking programs and a frozen food function.