Best Slalom Longboard – What board should I buy?

Best Slalom Longboard – What board should I buy?

September 21, 2015 6 By Chad Smith

When you are looking for the best slalom longboard, here are the boards that you should consider. The evolution of slalom longboarding has been from slalom skating, a type of skating which is very popular in Europe and America. Slaloming can be best compared to carving with only a few small differences. In slalom skating, skaters place small obstacles such as cones in the way so they have to travel around them. This makes it more challenging and allow longboarders to test their skills. In the last few years, slalom longboarding has become more popular which has led to a number of longboard brands to create their own specialized slaloming longboard. Generally, slalom longboard decks are of a standard size and lots of skaters are found to use small decks to gather more speed.

Choosing the best slalom longboard

Sector 9 Hot Steppa

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This is the best slalom longboard for sale on Amazon at the moment.

If you are concerned more about performance and looks, Sector 9’s Hot Steppa is the one to go for. We found the performance to be out of this world and the board itself looks fantastic. The enhanced durability is also a key feature due to its vertically
laminated bamboo construction. This slaloming board has extremely soft wheels and bushings, which make it easy to turn and is suited for both skilled and beginner longboarders alike. These longboards are priced lower than other slalom boards we have reviewed so they are well worth considering.

Fullbag Red Baron-Hybrid

The Red Baron-Hybrid from Fullbag is ideal for those who look for quality, performance and stability in their longboards. This unit offers an excellent performance and has been thoroughly tested by our panel. The brand has received lots of awards for this longboard and has upgraded it constantly without making any compromises. When on the road, it “shakes” less than many other boards whilst turning and is extremely stable which is important when making sharp turns. This deck is quite costly compared to others but this is our panels recommendation for the best slalom longboard.

Sk8king Axe II Ultimate

The Axe II Ultimate from Sk8king is the longboard that you should get if you are in search of high quality construction and top performance as well as stability. The deck is high in quality and can rival any other longboard when it comes to construction and performance. When it comes to which one is better out of Red Baron-Hybrid from Fullbag and Axe II Ultimate from Sk8king, I would choose the Fullbag. Slalom racers love this board due to the amazing stability and high speeds the board reaches.
If you are looking for the best slalom longboard, the boards recommended above should be considered. You are guaranteed stability and speed from the boards from these brands. Make sure you read all the reviews of these boards on Amazon to ensure you are choosing the right slalom longboard for you. If you need any advice, please feel free to contact us here and we will choose the best longboard for you based on your own personal requirements.