Downhill Longboarding

Downhill Longboarding

November 14, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Downhill longboarding refers to the activity of riding down hills as quickly as possible while keeping the longboard under complete control. The longboards used in this type of riding are generally 35–44 inches (95–110 cm) long and come with wheelbases ranging between 28 and 35 inches. We have decided to review the best longboards for downhill longboarding. We have already reviewed other great downhill longboards and longboards for cruising. If you have any other longboards you’d like us to review, please get in contact.

Downhill Longboarding – What are the best downhill boards?

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

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This one measures 41.25″ x 9″ in size and has a concave drop down shape and a 9-Ply Canadian Maple deck. It has 70×52 mm wheels with 78A Hardness and Abec 7 bearings. It is equipped with aluminum alloy9.675″ HD7 heavy duty trucks and 175mm Hanger. The unique longboard has its deck lowered at the middle where trucks are kept mounted. This allows you to lower your CG and offers you greater stability while riding at high speeds – thus making it perfect for downhill longboarding.

This Yocaher longboard is perfect for downhill longboarding.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch)

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This ultra-low-riding longboard has a one-of-a-kind perimeter shape which offers 9.6-inches of leverage at each turn and ensures optimum stability, which makes it perfect for the purpose of downhill carving. The full-maple laminate deck is fitted with 245-millimeter axles and reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks. It takes away all risks of wheel bite. The product comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. The ease of pushing on this unit also takes the risks of wear and tear out of riding around the town.

This Atom drop-deck longboard is perfect for downhill longboarding.

Hot Cruiser Through 9.5×42 Longboard THRU Skateboard Complete Trident White

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The full-maple deck has a 42″ X 9.5″ size and a unique shape. It is fitted with 70mm wheels with 83A hardness and 70% rebound that makes it perfect for downhill carving purposes. There is ABEC-9 special bearing, which offers maximum smooth rolling. You can get 9.6-inches of leverage into each turn. The unit has 356-T6 aluminum alloy base plate and hanger and comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

This hot cruiser is perfect for downhill longboarding as it offers fantastic stability

Quest Formula One Downhill Longboard Skateboard (34.5-Inch)

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The 34.5 inch Downhill Longboard is made of Multi-ply hardwood maple and boasts of an amazing Artisan bamboo deck. It has long lasting 70mm PU wheels and rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks. The unit has deluxe downhill style and it boasts of clean geometric graphics and open wheel-inch performance. The unit has an eye-catching Bamboo veneer finish with excellent ride characteristics and superior quality components. It can help you ride with comfort, style and stability.

The Quest is one of the most popular longboards for downhill longboarding.

Blunt Longboard Complete Speed downhill Through 42″*9.5″ Maple THRU

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The board has a 9.5 × 42 “deck size and has been constructed of 8 plies of multi-colored sugar maple veneer. The 70mm wheels have 70% rebound and 83A hardness. It is of yellow color and consists of ABEC-9 Skateboard special bearing with Speed Cream lubricants. It has an OS-800 grip tape with PVC substrate. With 356-T6 aluminum alloy base plate truck material, the board has a well-trimmed surface which is painted and grinded.

The Blunt longboard got a great review from our panel and is ideal for downhill longboarding.