Gold Coast Longboards Review – What is the Best Gold Coast Longboard?

Gold Coast Longboards Review – What is the Best Gold Coast Longboard?

November 10, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Gold Coast Longboards are from Gold Coast, a company based in Salt Lake City, California. The longboards from this company are made of bamboo or maple of the North American variety, The wood used for the longboard itself precision cut and cold pressed. They perform as well as brands such as DB, Arbor and Comet.

What are the best Gold Coast Longboards?

Gold Coast Longboards currently have a number of very good products on the market at the moment.

Goldcoast Longboard Complete Pintail Shape – The Classic

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This classic floater is ideal for cruising purposes. The boards are constructed out of 7 ply maple and allow a responsive ride. A printed grip tape holds all the components together. The board measures 44 by 10 inches and has a 26-inch wheelbase. The unit allows stable carving and a smooth ride. The unit is fitted with 71 mm Shred Boot wheels of 80a hardness and can help you easily get over bumps. The wheels have 7 inch reverse pivot trucks and Abec 7 Teflon bearings. It allows excellent maneuvering and you will love to ride it downhill, to your college campus and perform various tricks on the sidewalk. Whether you love modern boards or traditional ones, this board will be perfect for your needs.

The Classic is one of the best Gold Coast Longboards on Amazon at the moment.

Goldcoast Fiberglass Longboard Complete – The Krafted

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The 8” x 33.5” board has 6-ply maple and premium bamboo construction and is wrapped in fiberglass. The deck is mounted on 70mm wheels and 7” reverse pivot Century Trucks. This is a terrific board that can help you through springy carves in the city or in the hills. The unit has a kicktail Roller shape which can assist you in making more aggressive turns when the chance comes. The board has an 18.5” wheel base with kicktail. The board can help you to slide faster, more comfortably and aggressively than those from other brands.

This is one of the Goldcoast Longboards that we loved in terms of its unique design.

Gold Coast Salvo Longboard

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The Salvo is a 27″ Long x 7.5″ Wide unit with a 14.5″ wheelbase and it has a super-compact shape which allows you to ride it easily to anywhere you like. It has soft 60mm Cherry Bomb Wheels with 78a hardness and A7 bearings. The wheels offer excellent grip and assist you in rolling over difficult terrains and cracked sidewalks. The board has a shovel shape and is made of 7 Ply Canadian Maple. It has century 79mm regular pivot trucks with raw tumbled finish and 93a bushings and century 0.25″ flat risers. A clear grip tape holds all of its components together.

This Salvo from Gold Coast Longboards is a great ride.

Goldcoast Process Bamboo Drop-Thru Complete Longboard

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The board is perfect to slide, cruise and carve on the road. It has a twin shape and consists of a “W” concave that allows regular riding and a responsive trip all along. Its drop through mount helps you to stay close to the ground and enjoy greater stability when you pick up speed. With a 5-Ply Bamboo/Maple Construction, a 38″ long X 10″ wide body and a 28.8″ wheelbase, the unit has 177mm Reverse Pivot trucks. It has double cone bushing configuration and the 70mm shred boot wheels have 85a hardness. It has custom Abec 7 bearings which make the ride quality second to none.

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