Krown Longboard Review – What is the Best Krown Longboard?

Krown Longboard Review – What is the Best Krown Longboard?

November 3, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Because of the high interest in Krown, we have decided to create a Krown Longboard Review. The Krown Longboard is a strongly built skateboard which has been made to last for a long time. It has a very well-liked pintail shape. The unit has 9 x 46 inch dimensions and consists of a 27-Inch wheelbase with 70mm black wheels, Abec 7 Bearings and 6.0 Aluminum alloy trucks. How will this longboard compare to the Yocaher Longboard or the Atom Pintail Longboard?

Krown Rasta City Surf Longboard Skateboard

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Features of the Krown Longboard

The skateboard comes with 6″ Aluminum Alloy Trucks and it has a perfect Pintail Shape with 9-Inch x 46-Inch dimensions. It has a solid Canadian Maple construction with black grip tape to hold it together. The board has black 71mm 78a wheels.
The excellent design of this unit allows riders to maintain their balance in all environments and about any type of surface. It gives you a lot of comfort and you will not be scared of flying off your board even when a bump comes up.

Is the Krown Longboard good?

The board has been constructed out of 8 plies of strong Canadian Maple wood and has a drop through design. It is perfect for dropping down the hills at rapid speeds. This design of the board allows riders to maintain their center of gravity very easily and helps them enjoy a smooth ride even when moving fast down hills with steep surfaces.
The deck boasts of a pintail shape which is a perfect traditional longboard design and makes the board perfect for going down hills rapidly. It has a moderate heel cut-out which can decrease the extent of bite while carving or sweeping down hills. This is a 9 inch wide and 43 inch long board and is sizeable enough to allow you a long time to improve your footwork also be responsive at high speeds.
The board has a full grip taped deck and it has perfect ABEC 7 bearings which ensure that you are not slowed down in any way while on the move.

Anything that this longboard can improve on?

The wheels are the only thing that you will find complaining about in this longboard. You would probably like to upgrade them if you want some better quality wheels. Even if you do so, we feel the longboard still offers value for money. You might also like to substitute the bearings in this unit with Bones red bearings, which would only cost a little more. However, this is more of a matter of individual preference and you may even use the product as it is with little or no hiccups.

Krown Longboard Review – 9 out of 10

The board is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a good low-cost board or who is trying to enter the exciting new world of longboarding. This is a great longboard as it comes with a nice design and pretty good trucks. If you have had bad experience with stock trucks and longboards which are usually of low quality, we feel you will not be disappointed with the Krown Longboard.