Loaded Longboards Review – What is the Best Loaded Longboard?

Loaded Longboards Review – What is the Best Loaded Longboard?

November 3, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Due to the amount of interest in Loaded, we have decided to complete a Loaded Longboards Review. Loaded Longboards come with amazing designs and a unique style which makes it feature among the top ten skater brands out there. The brand is committed to bringing out the most innovative and uniquely designed boards and offers one of the best performances while also maintaining unparalleled quality. Despite only being in the market for less than 10 years, the brand has for long been making boards which offer the best riding experience. The founder and owner of Loaded longboard, Don Tashman, is a man who can be credited for this success. The following are some of the best longboards that the brand has offered since its inception in our view. But is this brand better than the likes of Atom and Krown?

So what are best Loaded Longboards?

Here are the particular models of Loaded that we would recommend to our readers:

Loaded Bamboo Vanguard 38″ Longboard Skateboard Complete – Flex 4

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This is a perfect board for carving and surf-style cruising. The board also offers users some excellent potential for dancing. You can skate on it just like a surfer and the board has multiple options for flex and complete customization for riders. The board also comes with enough camber to counter the flex to make your ride on the board flat and nice.

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Loaded Tan Tien 2012 Flex 2 Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck With Black Grip Tape New

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The deck of this board comes in as many as 3 flex numbers and you can get the chance to go wild and loose. It allows greater stability and you can go in both  directions. With an aggressive black griptape, the board has been designed to offer the greatest coverage when you are letting the board flex in a natural manner. The tails and the nose are reinforced with an additional fiberglass layer for greater strength and stiffness. However, the energy and the responsiveness of the central camber are not compromised in any way. The Flex 1, however, is regarded as a stiffer option for thrashers who pound hard and also for heavier riders.

So is the best loaded longboard? Have your view

Loaded Fattail Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete – Flex 1

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This one offers a more aggressive concave shape that can lock the feet of the riders to the board. It has a small nose which help riders perform shove-its and manuals easily. The generous tail also helps them perform pop up and pop down more easily in curves. The tail has been reinforced with an extra fiberglass layer on the top and a carbon fiber at the bottom to allow greater abrasion resistance and stiffness. You can find a vertically laminated bamboo core in between the fiberglass skins.

Loaded longboards come in all shapes and sizes. This is a nice concave board.

Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard Skateboard Deck – Flex 3

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This can be perfect for free riding, carving and cruising requirements. It comes with a generous amount of flex which can further be customized with the multiple flex options offered by the unit. You will love to ride on it and move flawlessly down hills, perform various types of slides and also do big carves. Owing to the flex, it doesn’t perform well at¬†great speeds but can be great fun at moderate speeds.

This is not the best Loaded longboard at great speeds, but is excellent for carves