Madrid Longboards Review – What is the Best Madrid Longboard?

Madrid Longboards Review – What is the Best Madrid Longboard?

November 10, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

We have been asked by our visitors to complete a Madrid Longboards Review since these longboards have become very popular over the last few years. In the skate industry, Madrid has been a reliable name since the ‘70s. The company is situated in Huntington Beach, CA and sells premium quality longboards and skateboards. Today, it is a trusted name for skateboarders who look for the most superior quality boards to ride on varied types of terrains. Madrid Longboards are of a similar quality to DB, Dregs and Arbor longboards, so we thought it would be useful to do a Madrid Longboards Review to identify the best longboards that they offer.

Madrid Longboards Review

So what is the best longboard for your riding style? Whether you use a longboard for cruising or downhill, we will be sure to find the most ideal longboard for you.

Madrid Missionary Bamboo 39.875” P-Cock Complete

The Missionary is the ideal board to beat the jam and enjoy a smooth ride. It has specifically been designed for the commuters of the present generation and it allows a lot of flexibility as you move from point A to point B. It boasts of a symmetrical shape and has concave tail kicks and nose. With drop-thru mounting and a latest “P-Cock” graphic on its surface, the board has a wheelbase of 29.375 inches and 39.875″ X 9.875″ dimensions. The unit consists of 70mm Cadillac cruiser wheels of durometer 80a and Cadillac 5.0 high performance bearings. A Flypaper Grip tape holds all of its components together. This is the best longboard for crusing offered by Madrid Longboards in our view.

This longboard has been reviewed in our Madrid Longboards Review and came out as one of the best longboards.

Madrid Dream 38.875” Cutout Top Mount Standard Complete

Various other designs are available in the market.

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The unit has a W-concaved, symmetrical shape and allows you to float sideways or smoothly glide downhill. It has a drop-thru or top mount design. The new “Cutout” graphic on the surface makes it appear colorful and gives you a funky feel as you ride on it. It has 38.875″ X 9.25″ dimensions and a large 30.875″ wheelbase. The product has a twin tip, drop-thru shape and comes fitted with 70mm Cadillac classic two wheels and precision steel bearings. There is no fear of flying out from this deck, considering the excellent shape that it comes in.

Madrid Longboards have produced this nice top mount longboard which is a delight to ride and gets great reviews

Madrid Dream 38.875” Cutout Longboard Deck

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The board has a drop-thru or top mount design and a W-concaved, symmetrical shape. It has 38.875″ X 9.25″ dimensions and a large 30.875″ wheelbase. The board does not come as a full unit and ships only as a deck. It needs bearings, wheels and trucks to be made ready as a complete setup. You can maneuver it easily on any terrain that you like and it allows you to ride downhill with ease, allowing you the kind of security that you are looking for. There is no risk of wheel bite and the unit allows you to stay close to the ground and maintain your center of gravity.

This is a great stable longboarding deck from Madrid Longboards.

Madrid The Dude 38.75” Africa Standard Complete

This one is made for people who love to make really long trips on their boards. It has perfect camber, concave, kicktail and a diamond-tail shape with all the tools which can help you to shred, slash and carve to your heart’s content. The surface boasts of a new “Africa” graphic which makes it all the more colorful. The board has 38.75″ X 9.125″ dimensions and a large 26.5″ wheelbase. It comes fitted with 70mm Cadillac Classic Two Wheels, 180 Raw Standard Setup X-Caliber Trucks and Precision Steel Bearings.

This is a beautifully designed longboard from Madrid Longboards which many people have found to be an excellent longboard