Never Summer Longboard Reviews – What is the Best Never Summer Longboard?

Never Summer Longboard Reviews – What is the Best Never Summer Longboard?

November 14, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

We have had a lot of requests to complete some Never Summer Longboard Reviews, so we thought we’d review their latest longboards. Never Summer has been in the construction of durable and high quality snowboards and longboards since 1983 and has since emerged as one of the biggest independent manufacturers of these units. The company has focused on the use of superior quality, durable materials and excellent workmanship and customer service which has helped it achieve more success and build a solid reputation for itself. So it was only fitting that we did a few Never Summer Longboard Reviews to see what products the actually offer. But will they be as good as other brands such as Gold Coast, Sector 9¬†and Dregs longboards?

Never Summer Longboard Reviews

Never Summer Longboard, Clutch Colorado Limited 39″ Complete Skateboard, BC Surf & Never Summer Exclusive

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The unit measures 39″ x 10″ x 29.4″ and has a wheel base of 29.4 inches. It has a drop down shape and its foot platform is 23.5 inches and rocker is 0.35 inches in size. This is one of the most superior performance boards from the brand and can be used by both beginners and experienced riders for any type of situation. The design of this unit has been inspired by those of the top quality boards from Never Summers.

This longboard scores highly in our Never Summer longboard reviews.

Never Summer Clutch Complete Longboard Skateboard New On Sale

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The deck of this board measures 39″ X 10″ and comes fitted with Red 70mm Thanez longboard wheels of 80a hardness and 180mm black longboard trucks and SL Abec 7 Bearings. All the components are held together by a Black Never Summer Grip Tape which has super strong adhesive at its back. The unit is fully assembled and can be immediately taken out of the box for riding purposes.

This is one of the best Never Summer longboards available

Never Summer Clutch Complete Longboard

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With a 0.75 inch Drop Down and Drop Thru shape, the board has a 3/8 inch Rocker. With a solid construction, flex control composite and rubber dampening system, the board is perfect to take along on the mountainous roads of Colorado. Constructed with a Rubber Dampening System, the trucks allow more stability and can help absorb vibration of roads which can result in frustration and fatigue. With a deck width of 10 inch and a 72 mm wheel size, the board consists of Abec 7 bearings. You can use the unit to easily cruise around your campus or town and be protected from speed wobbles while you are riding at high speeds.

This is one of the best Never Summer Longboards we have reviewed.


Never Summer Colorado Defender Complete Longboard – Limited Edition

This Limited Edition longboard from Never Summer has a medium flex and mellow concave. It has a pin tail shape and you will find it perfect for riding downhill. This is a perfect all-terrain board that is suitable for beginners as well as pros. Once you begin to gain speed while riding down these types of roads, the deck with its excellent drop down and drop thru design will allow you to maintain a low center of gravity and you can get a lot of stability to move at high speeds and be able to move in a smooth manner. You will get an easier pushing to gain more speed over flat ground.

This longboard received great feedback in terms of performance in our Never Summer Longboard Reviews.