Punked Longboards Reviews – What is the Best Punked Longboard?

Punked Longboards Reviews – What is the Best Punked Longboard?

November 10, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

The skateboard industry has been taken by storm by Punked, one of the major companies today known for their amazing skateboards and longboards, so we thought we’d do some Punked Longboards Reviews. The high performance boards from this company are perfect for riders with all levels of skills, whether pros or simply beginners. Punked sells all its boards pre-assembled and fitted with everything from deck, hardware, wheels, trucks and grip tape. The decks of its boards are constructed out of strong 9 ply maple that comes with less flexibility. These are strong but lightweight boards that come with hard gel wheels and sport one of a kind graphics like stripes, playing cards and bandanas. These are designed to offer smooth cruising and turning over long distances at high speeds. Take a look at some of the best Punked longboards that we recommend.

Punked Longboards Reviews

So how do these longboards compare to Original, Arbor and Jet? Here are the Punked Longboards that we would recommend our visitors to check out in a little more detail.

New Graphics Drop Through Complete Longboard Professional Speed Skateboard

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The board has been devised to allow a wide turning radius and gather excellent speed while riding downhill. The lowered platform of the board makes sure that you get more stability when you ride at high speeds. The unique shape of the board has specifically been designed to allow riders greater amount of support on hard turns. The 40″ x 10″ board has a Concave Drop design and is made of 9 ply Canadian maple. It is fitted with 70x52mm Wheels having 78A hardness and boasts of Abec 7 bearings. The wheels have 9.675″ HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks and 180mm Hanger.

This drop through longboard managed to get a great review on our Punked Longboards Review

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard Complete skateboard

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The 9×41.25 inch board has a hard rock maple deck and has Abec 7 bearings. The board allows excellent smooth cruising and turning at high speeds over large distances. The unit has larger decks and trucks and allows you more space to move around well enough. In the event that you love to ride downhill in a fast manner, you will love to find what this unit has to offer.

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Punked Seaside Kicktail Complete Longboard Skateboard – 10″ x 40″

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The board has a 10″ x 40″ sized deck and it comes pre-assembled with wheels and trucks from Punked. This is a unit designed to last for a long time and you will find it ready to skate as soon as you get out of package. Whether you love standard boards or traditional ones, this Punked board will be to your liking. It comes with components which are unparalleled in the industry. Punked is a very reputed brand known all through the skateboarding community across the globe and you are sure to be satisfied with the quality and durability of this product.

This kicktail longboard is one of the best longboards from our Punked Longboards Reviews.

Special Graphic Complete Longboard KICKTAIL 70’s shape skateboard w/ 70mm wheels

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This 40″ X 9.75″ board comes equipped with 71mm Wheels having Aluminum Alloy trucks with 7″ Hanger. It has Abec 5 bearings. All the components of the product are held together with grip tape. This is lightweight but sturdy board which has been designed to elevate your quality of riding to greater heights.

This Ying Yang design longboard scored high in our Punked Longboards Review