Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set – The Review

Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set – The Review

November 24, 2017 0 By Chad Smith

Looking for a longboard trucks combo set? We thought we’d take a look at the Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set. We feel that this set is the way to really take your board to the next level, and you will certainly notice a smoother and more pleasant ride once you install these parts.

Review of the Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set

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The Volador Longboard Trucks Combo set comes with a pair of 7-Inch trucks, as well as a set of 70x51mm wheels. Not only this, there are also a set of ABEC-9 precision bearings, with an accompanying set of hardwares. To top it all off, there is also a pair of 6mm raiser pads included.

Each of these pieces are made of high quality materials – there is no cheap plastic here!


These Volador Trucks are great for any longboard.

Let’s take a look at the trucks in greater detail. They are made of touch Aluminium alloy, for strength and stability. The carbon steel axle is covered in a geometric hanger. This really inforces the strength of the trucks. When freeriding, dancing or going down hill, you will notice that the trucks really make your ride more responsive with improved turning. This is in part due to the 92A, corn and barrel super rebound bushing,


These Volador Wheels are essential for your longboard.

Central to the success of your riding is the wheels. The wheels are constructed using formulated PU material. In doing so, this provides great strength and physical performance. The hardness is 78A with 80% rebound. The wheels are therefore ideal for carving and sliding, since they offer durability as well as a degree of shock absorption. When fitted with the right bearings, these wheels will truly fly!


Check out these Volador Bearings for your longboard.

The bearings in the Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set are the perfect companion for the wheels above. The bearings are lubed ABEC-9 precision bearings, and are made with chrome steel balls and rings.


Volador Longboard Hardware is essential for keeping your board safe.

We would recommend that you never take your hardware for granted, as they really are essential for making your longboard perform to the best of its ability time after time. Failure to use the hardware on your board could result in a compromise in your safety, as it keeps your board solid by ensuring all the different parts of the board stay together when riding. The hardware in the Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set is forged using super strong carbon steel. You will also notice that the hardware is electroplated, which keeps it rust free.

Raiser Pads

Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set Risers are essential for all boards.

Lastly, we have the raiser pads. These pads are essential for preventing wheel bite, so these pads help you get a smooth ride.


Should You Buy the Volador Longboard Trucks Combo Set?

Yes, this combo set is perfect for complementing any longboard. You will certainly notice an improvement in your riding experience with these parts. We would recommend you check out the Volador 40 Inch Maple Longboard, if you are looking for a board to complement this set.