Yocaher Longboard Review – What is the Best Yocaher Longboard?

Yocaher Longboard Review – What is the Best Yocaher Longboard?

November 3, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Welcome to our Yochacher Longboard Review. We’ve been asked to compile an impartial report on this brand of longboard since it has been receiving rave reviews from people who have contacted us. But will it be as good as the Atom Pintail Longboard or the Atom Drop Through Longboard?

The Yocaher Longboard is a longboard which has been designed for speedy trips. Both beginners and experienced boarders can use it for cruising, commuting, sliding, carving and going downhill. In terms of speed, you can describe this board as a “bolt” as it catapults you from A to B in a fraction of a second. It is also perfect for longboard tricks and turns well and it can be maneuvered very well on various types of terrains.

Yocaher Longboard Review

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Here is our impartial Yocaher Longboard Review - is this one of the best longboards?

Features of the Yocaher Longboard

The longboard comes with a number of features which have been included to make it easier for you to turn, slide, carve and ride downhill with greater ease. It has a drop down design and the deck of this board has been constructed out of 9 ply super-sturdy Canadian Maple. The board is very stable and makes riders feel secure even when they are moving very fast.

The deck is thicker and this gives less flex, which is just what riders require when going downhill at speeds higher than 35 miles per hour. The drop down design indicates that you will be lower to the surface. The unique design of the product gives you two advantages. Firstly, you can get a lower CG and stay atop the board in a more comfortable manner. Secondly, it will be more difficult for you to fall off the board particularly when you are in a crouching position.
The deck has a cutout in its design, which gives you the scope for maximum wheel clearance. Given the fact that this unit is bidirectional, you can ride it regular or even switch sides if you want and not experience any difference in the board performance whilst riding. The design also wholly eliminates any risk of wheel bite, a dangerous thing that often causes road rash. This is a big advantage with the Yocaher Longboard.


The curve which goes across the width of the board’s deck, also known as the concave, is ideal to assist riders to lock their feet into place. It can also influence the way in which the board responds to the force exerted by your feet while riding. All these things go on to add to the stability and control that you enjoy with the board.


The board does not have very reliable bearings and with this type of longboard meant for cruising, it is a given that the wheels are not meant to last for a long time. Naturally, it is recommended that you get them replaced after some time or depending on how much you ride the board as well as your riding behavior. Although the color designs are all-natural, the graphics and color are quite pedestrian.

Yocaher Longboard Review – 8 out of 10

This is a good enough longboard for many beginner and experienced longboarders alike. It is aesthetically pleasing and has been particularly designed for a wide turning radius and downhill speeding. This is a lightweight longboard with a lowered deck which allows more stability at fast speeds. It has a perfect shape for riders who look for greater support on hard turns.