Best Longboard Brackets Guide

Best Longboard Brackets Guide

September 23, 2015 0 By Chad Smith

We are often asked the question – “what are longboard brackets and what are the best longboard brackets to buy?”. Longboard brackets refer to hardware which can be mounted over longboards to help them drop closer to the surface they are being riden on. The addition of brackets allows you to turn more smoothly and therefore provide riders with increased stability. You can slide more easily and achieve a longer push than if you didn’t install brackets. Longboard brackets are generally constructed out of an extremely strong, solid and long-lasting material, mostly plastic, but some metallic brackets are also for sale.

What are the best longboard brackets?

Below are the main types of longboard brackets. Strong brackets are necessary in order to get smooth turns and achieve higher stability, and come in varied sizes. These allow easy sliding and are made out of solid, super-strong and durable materials.

Standard Drop Brackets

Standard drop brackets provide a drop of 10 mm, while deep drop brackets offer a 35 mm drop. If you want increased stability, deep drop brackets should be chosen over standard drop brackets. These allow riders to adjust truck angles to a wide extent, from +17 wedge to -18 de-wedge. There is a drop of 10 mm which is able to accommodate bigger wheels, whilst maintaining enough leverage to pump.

This standard drop bracket is probably the best longboard brackets you can buy.

Deep Drop Brackets

This type of bracket is strong and is also light in weight. It is constructed of aluminum alloy and can be used with any size of wheels, whether small or big. These longboard brackets allow riders to adjust truck angles to 37 degrees, from +14 wedge to – 23 de-wedge. Deep drop brackets offer an aggressive drop of 35 mm and can deliver a dynamic, strong suspension.

Super Fork Brackets

This kind of bracket is constructed out of aluminum alloy. This type of bracket can be best described as a tuning fork drop-through bracket. It is light in weight, long-lasting and strong. It has a wedge of 13 degrees and offers a drop of 35 mm. Super fork brackets have been designed to be compatible with a Bennett 5.0. truck. The truck is tucked in close to the deck of the longboard so that users can get a low ride along with enough wheel clearance in order to get deep pumps.

Pump Brackets

Such types of longboard brackets can be used mainly for pushing the efficacy of pumping to an optimal level when they are combined with an adjustable standard drop bracket located in the back. These brackets, much like the other ones, are strong, light in weight and constructed of aluminum alloy. The bracket helps tightly tuck the truck before the deck, which can help optimize the angle for wheel clearance as well as for pumping leverage.

When you are buying brackets for your longboard, you need to purchase only from reputed manufacturers that are known to produce high quality products. We would recommend such companies as G Bomb and Maherajah who we feel are two of the most reputed makers of longboard brackets. These companies manufacture superior standard drop and other types of brackets which have been mentioned above. We hope this best longboard brackets guide has helped you. If you have any questions, please let us know.