Best Longboard Risers Guide

Best Longboard Risers Guide

September 22, 2015 0 By Chad Smith

Choosing the best longboard risers can be very difficult. If you are into longboarding or have just started with it, you probably know about “wheel bite”. This actually refers to a phenomenon which arises when a longboard does not have enough height. When any rider tries to perform some trick or even take a turn with a board that is not sufficiently high, the wheels cause a collision with the deck, which can lead to reduced speeds and a rough ride full of jolts. The wheels can get damaged as a result and riders can suffer dangerous accidents if they come off their longboard. Risers are therefore added in order to counteract this type of problem. Read on and know about these two types of risers, that are commonly used in order help riders prevent wheel bite problems. You should look out for brands such as Bones.

What are the best longboard risers?

Risers or shock pads are used most often in order to raise the full height of longboards, which will result in smoother rides and better turning.

Picture of RiserProduct on AmazonShapeHeightMade ofType of RiserOur rating (%)
This is one of the best longboard risers for sale.Khiro Hard RiserAngled (Flat)From 0.13-0.93 inchesTough PlasticRiser Pad78
Khiro shock pad risers for longboardKhiro Shock PadsAngled (Flat)From 0.02-0.5RubberShock Pad82
Sector 9 shock pads are great longboard risers for beginners who want more control.Sector 9 Shock PadsAngled (Flat)0.125RubberShock Pad85
Bones longboard risers are some of the best on the market.Bones Hard RiserFlat0.125Hard PlasticRiser Pad91

Riser Pads

These pads are constructed out of hard plastic, and can increase the distance between the board and the wheels. Riser pads increase the height of boards, provide a bit of cushioning by absorbing a small amount of shock and maintain the speed at the time of travel. There are principally to shapes of riser pads that you need to consider. One is the Rectangular Riser. This is regarded as the simplest of all riser shapes. These rectangular riser pads can raise the board height and also lead to a reduced number of shocks. Our review team would recommend getting as thick a riser as you can for a smooth ride.

The best longboard risers on the market are from Bones.

The Angled Riser, also referred to as Wedge Riser, is the second type of longboard riser that you need to consider when looking for the best longboard riser. It helps raise the height of your longboard and also gives the longboard an angle, which can improve the ability of your longboard to turn and change direction with ease. Depending on how much turning you would want in your truck, you can use risers to wedge in that specific way. If the thickest section of your wedge riser faces the middle, the turning ability at the front will be increased and the turning ability of the rear will be reduced. If you reverse this, you will find that the rear of the longboard’s turning ability will be improved and the front of the longboard will be reduced.

Some riders like to go for a shape that is a mix of both Wedge and Rectangular riser pads. This is an interesting longboard configuration to use as the wheels will be found at a lower height than that of  the truck mounting. This leads to an improved ability for front turns and a stabilized rear section.

Shock Pads

These types of longboard riser are able to absorb the shock of rides for longboarders, as the name indicates. As these are made of thick foam or rubber, these pads can provide you with a small amount of cushioning. There is a drawback to using shock pads. Some riders complain that the shock pads will reduce your overall speed. In contrast, riser pads absorb a smaller amount of shock but are able to maintain speed at the time of riding. Shock pads are perfect for those just starting out, but I would recommend riser pads for the more advanced longboarder. If you need help choosing the best longboard risers, please let us know and we will be happy to help.