DB Longboards Review – What is the Best DB Longboard?

DB Longboards Review – What is the Best DB Longboard?

November 10, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

We have been asked to do a DB Longboards Review and we were happy to do so since these boards have become quite popular. DB Longboards is a longboard company based in the state of Washington and is a famous name in the market of skateboarding due to the superior quality longboards that it offers. The boards from DB come with fresh and unique aesthetics and functional designs. These are different from the many boards that can be found in the market these days. It brings out some of the most distinctive and innovative longboards in the industry. The quality of DB Longboards is similar to the finish of the established longboard brands such as Koastal, Comet and Jet.

Here are the best DB Longboards

There are many longboards from this brand we’d recommend, but we found the following longboards too good to miss out!

DB Longboards Cosmonaut Longboard Complete

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With a wheelbase of 28.5 inches and a deck length of 41 inches, this longboard is made of 9-ply bamboo/maple blend and features a top mount for a lowered foot platform which can assist you in maintaining stability at the time of riding and bombing hills. The deck is a blend of lightweight maple and bamboo and can improve response and lower speed wobbles at the time of carving. It comes fitted with durable Cloud Ride wheels and smooth Atlas trucks. The entire unit is fully assembled and you will find it ready to ride the moment you take it out of the package.

This is my favourite longboard from DB Longboards in terms of its style.

DB Longboards Lunch Tray Longboard Skateboard Deck New With Grip Tape

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The 9.5″ x 36″ deck has a variable 3″-25 7/8″ wheelbase and has a 9 Ply Maple construction. It is ideal for downhill skateboarding and freeriding. The one of a kind symmetrical design is accentuated by flared wheel wells that can offer more wheel clearance to riders. The rear and front flares of the deck also offer perfect pockets that can give you the scope for locking in and also provide you with leverage points for both toeside and heelside slides. A black ML grip tape holds all the components together.

This deck from DB Longboards is a great option for longboard carving.

DB Longboards Duck Race Longboard Skateboard Deck New With Grip Tape

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The 9.5″ x 35.25″ longboard deck allows you to kick into gear right after the drop and ensures that your toes and heels do not feel lonely. All the components are held together by a black Jessup grip tape. The deck has a concave that allows you to instantly kick into gear following the drop. The board is maneuverable and it provides you with a great locked-in feeling. The flat mounts allow you to ride switch in comfort so that you can change your setup with different baseplates or angled risers.

This duck race deck is a great deck from DB Longboards.

DB Longboards Giraffe Longboard Complete

The board has a 25 inch wheelbase and a length of 40 inch. Made of 8-ply maple and 180mm Atlas trucks, the board is perfect for cruising. This is a fun board to ride and with a classic pintail shape, the unit features a long platform with a flat concave. The unit can be ideal for everyone from beginners to seasoned riders. It is fitted with Cloud Ride Cruiser wheels and ABEC 7 bearings that can help you to move effortlessly across long flat areas. The board is fully assembled and you will find it fully ready to hit the roads once you take it out of the package.

Plus, with such a cool funny design, who won’t instantly fall in love with this longboard!

This is a funny retro design from DB Longboards which should raise a few eyebrows.