Freeride Longboard

Freeride Longboard

November 17, 2014 8 By Chad Smith

The term “freeriding” in freeride longboard riding refers to sliding and tricks, like early grabs at speeds varying from moderate to high. The decks are often symmetrical in shape and may consist of kicktails on both of its sides to allow tech slides to riders. The decks generally vary between 36 and 44 inches in length and within 8.5 and 10.5 inches in width. The majority of the freeride decks have a construction that resembles that of the downhill boards. Some of the companies are now manufacturing freeride decks which can also help you to do freestyle riding. These firms manufacture hybrid quality boards by integrating kicktails and trying to produce boards from materials of lighter quality which helps riders to move much quicker and also maintain longer slides due to reduced weight. Read on to find out what the best freeride longboard is in our opinion.

What is the best Freeride Longboard?

A freeride longboard shouldn’t be confused with freeboarding, as we explained. Here are the freeride longboards we would recommend.

Omen Sugar Kick Longboard Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape

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The deck measures 39.5″ X 9.5″ and has a wheelbase varying between 22.5 and 24.5″. It has a maple construction and built of 9 plies which can make the platform stiff enough for riding down hills. A black Jessup grip tape holds all the components together. The board has been devised to improve agility and hold onto the feet during stunts and slides. This is a board designed for any kind of riding. The unit has excellent features like flatline rocker, wheel wells, multiple wheelbase options, flush mounting, wheel flares and accelerated rocker. Any shoe size can be accommodated by the board and the perfectly sized kicktails offer you enough standing platform which does not make the board very long but does not make you experience a cramped sensation either. The 5/8 radial concave allows your feet to remain locked in and be very comfortable even after many hours of riding. When combined with a rocker and wheel flares, the board is extremely competent.

This Omen Sugar Kick is a freeride longboard that has received top marks in our longboard review.


Rayne Douglas “Dalua” Silva Amazon Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

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The design of this deck is inspired by the crazy bending action offer by the Supreme and the Rival, two of the other freeride oriented boards from the lineup from Rayne. However, in order to offer a speed stiff platform, it has been built slightly thicker. It has a pretty steep concave and is designed to lock you in as you ride through the treacherous mountain roads. Like the Supreme and the Rival, it has a three stage rocker which offers an improved locked-in feeling.

Check out this freeride longboard from Rayne.


Earthwing Space Coaster Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

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The board measures 37″ X 10″ and has a wheelbase varying between 26.5 and 29 inches. It has a maple construction and consists of 8 plies. The deck boasts of an aggressive concave which can offer a bit of addition leverage at the time of spinning down the hill. A “W” style concave has been incorporated at the middle of the deck to make it stiff and offer additional support to the arches of your feet and allow greater control. The varying wheelbase options can be perfect if you are trying to get into free-ride at faster speeds or looking for a more powerful downhill game.

This is a great freeride longboard from Earthwing which is fantastic to ride.