Jet Longboards Guide – What is the Best Jet Longboard?

Jet Longboards Guide – What is the Best Jet Longboard?

November 4, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

We’ve been asked by a number of our regular visitors to review the longboards on offer from Jet Longboards. Today, Jet is one of the best longboard manufacturers in the industry and the boards have been designed to satisfy the requirements of various skaters and boarders with varied styles. These days, the riding styles of most boarders are moving towards freeride and downhill rides. For both types of riding requirements and even more, Jet has come up with a few excellent boards.

JET Invasion Series Kool Kick Deck – 10×37.4

Different designs are available & updated constantly for this board.

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This single kick top mount directional speed board is ideal for freestyling, downhilling and freeriding. It boasts of a 1/4-inch micro radial drop which can lock you in and make you confident for riding at great speeds. The JET Invasion Series Kool Kick Deck – 10×37.4 has extremely deep pockets where you can tuck your feet in. You can stay secure in the setup irrespective of how fast you are moving. There is also a very versatile kicktail which makes the board an all-rounder. It is great for riding around town and also ideal for riding down big hills. The kicktail is ideal to help you pop the board around town and it is the solution for anyone who is looking for skating in a single setup.

Jet Longboards has released this rather "tasty" longboard!

JET Radar Series Hot Potato Deck – 10×35.5

The JET Radar Series Hot Potato Deck – 10×35.5 is 10” in width and 3.5” in length. It can provide riders with almost everything that they need. It has 26.5″ and 27.5″ wheelbase options. This is a nimble and very stable unit and has a very different design as compared to other directional top-mounts which come with radial micro drops. Your feet can always remain tucked in, giving you the secure feel that you need while you are moving down a hill at fast speeds. When you are freeriding you are likely to find this model to be perfect to ride as the unit allows you a secure locked-in feel at all times. The manufacturers have also integrated it with an excellent small kicktail which can make the rides more fun for you.

The latest Hot Potato Jet Longboard provides a very nice ride.


Jet Longboards Hot Potato Happy Daze Longboard Skateboard Deck – 10″ x 35.5″

It consists of virtually all that you require. This is 3.5” in length and 10” in width and has 26.5″ and 27.5″ wheelbase options which make it stable as well as nimble. When pitted against other directional top-mounts, which boasts of radial micro drops, the Hot Potato is found to be varied in its design. When you are riding down a hill, these drops can be ideal as you can get excellent points of reference to know just where your feet will always be placed. At the time of freeriding, this unit can be excellent to ride and you can get the locked in feel that you want. There is also an amazing tiny kicktail thrown into the Jet Hot Potato Happy Daze Longboard Skateboard Deck – 10″ x 35.5″by the makers to allow some additional fun!

Is this one of the best Jet Longboards to reach the market?