Best Longboard Brakes Guide

Best Longboard Brakes Guide

September 23, 2015 4 By Chad Smith

Choosing the best longboard brakes can be very difficult, so we thought we’d complete a guide for you to choose the best brakes for your longboard. These days, many companies manufacture longboards with powerful brakes which can be activated by exerting pressure with your foot. The brakes are designed to provide riders with increased control, particularly when they are riding downhill – when the rides can be fraught with danger and riders may accidentally topple over by losing their balance.

What longboard brakes should I buy?

Longboard brakes are mainly of two types, and these consist of the following:

Hand braking system

Hand brakes were found in some of the earliest longboards available for use. Although these help riders by slowing down boards, these are not the best or safest types of brakes to use on longboards – especially for people who would like to perform different kinds of tricks. During the braking process, riders can easily get off balance while trying to maneuver the brakes. At high speeds, even when riders attempt to lean back a little, they can easily get thrown from their boards. Some of the initial longboards came with hand brakes, but the ones that come today mostly have foot pedaled brakes to provide riders with easier access, better convenience and increased safety.

Foot braking system

These longboard brakes are the most commonly found brakes on longboards today. Foot braking systems are more powerful than hand brakes and can help riders with smoother control and they also aid in maintaining the control of the speed of their longboards when they are going down hills or riding down gradients. Riders are supposed to lean forward and use their toes to apply pressure on the brakes that are located towards the head of the longboard. Leaning slightly backward and using the heels can help them to press the rear brakes. However, riders are always advised to press and increase pressure gradually on the  brakes in order to avoid toppling over at high speeds and falling off as a result.

Types of Branded Brakes to Buy

There are some brands that are known to construct high quality brakes for longboards. POGO Brand Longboard Brakes are one of them. POGO is a German brand which makes longboard brakes that use the foot braking system. We would certainly recommend these brakes for beginners who have only just started out longboarding. The brake can be controlled with the rear foot heel, as it lies at the middle of the deck’s rear end. Such brakes are highly popular as they can easily be mounted on longboards of any type. When the friction pads get worn out, they can be replaced quite easily – which is another reason that makes these brakes very popular. Customer reviews also seem to suggest that people who have bought POGO brakes are happy with their purchase.

The best longboard brakes are arguably from Pogo.

Brakeboard is another brand we’d recommend which is Australian and makes foot pedal-operated brakes. Such brakes can be bought in the form of an accessory or can also be customized when buying a full longboard which includes the brake system pre-installed.  The pads can be substituted whenever they are worn out. Pogo and Brakeboard offer the best longboard brakes that we have reviewed.