Best Longboard Gas Pedals Guide

Best Longboard Gas Pedals Guide

September 23, 2015 0 By Chad Smith

Choosing the best longboard gas pedals can be very difficult, so we thought we’d write a guide on what products you should consider. The term “gas pedal” in the world of longboarding refers to a piece of equipment that helps enhance the grip that is offered by the rear foot of the longboarder. Lots of companies manufacture and sell longboards that come with gas pedals, but many still don’t. When facing any type of challenge whilst boarding, gas pedals can assist you in maintaining a solid footing. You can climb over a hill easily and go down at high speeds, while performing amazing tricks, if you have gas pedals pre-installed into your board.

Product ImageProduct on AmazonShape of Gas PedalRiding StyleOur rating (%)
Longboard gas pedals from Sector 9 offer great value for moneySector 9 GauntletU-shapedDownhill89
stella-longboard-gas-pedalsStella Dictator Freeride Longboard V-shapedDownhill82
original-v-shaped-gas-pedalOriginal Apex LongboardV-shapedFreeriding90
The best longboard gas pedals are on the Rayne dalua.Rayne Dalua PiranhaU-shapedDownhill/Freeriding95

Choosing the best longboard gas pedals

Check the concavity

These days, gas pedals tend to come shaped like a concave. It is important to choose a gas pedal that has a concave shape as it offers a curvilinear design and a wider space which enables you to maintain speeds whilst riding. The best gas pedals for longboards are those which come with the right extent of concavity. With proper concavity, you can achieve high speeds as well as great stability.

Look at the angle

When considering which gas pedals to buy, you should consider its angle. An angle of about 40 degrees can be perfect for the task of freeriding. A higher angle can make you lose your footing on the longboard.

The best longboard gas pedals are on the Rayne dalua.

Consider the design

The two commonest designs for longboard gas pedals are “U” and “V”. As the “U” shape offers a wider area, it might be preferred choice for most longboarders. However, the design that you choose can depend a lot on the type of tricks that you wish to perform on your longboard. If you wish to perform tricks such as toe-slide or stand-up slide at high speeds, you should choose the “U” shaped gas pedals for your longboard.

Take the brakes into account

Some longboard riders like to have their gas pedals with brakes beneath them. This type of pedal is generally known as a “Brake Pedal”. These types of boards come with a pressure pedal brake. If your longboard is set up with front brakes, for instance, you can easily lean the toe in a forward direction in order to apply some amount of pressure over the front pedal brakes. The same holds true for the rear pedal brakes. Note that stepping on power brakes can cause you to tumble at high speeds. Naturally you have to take a lot of care when you are applying brakes, in order to prevent accidents.

If you are just starting out in longboarding, it is recommended that you stop looking for longboard gas pedals. Once you are become a more competent longboarder, you can go for pedaled boards for your freeriding. Keep in mind that you should choose superior brands, such as Landyachtz, Original Skateboard and Arbor Longboards, in order to ensure that there will be no issues on the quality front.