Longboard Lights Guide – What are the Best Longboard Lights?

Longboard Lights Guide – What are the Best Longboard Lights?

September 15, 2016 0 By Chad Smith

Longboard Lights are essential for illuminating the path ahead for longboarders. Even if you have never used them before, there is a good chance that you’ll go right ahead and order some longboard lights for yourself after seeing the benefits they can bring to your ride. Lights for longboards, skateboards and scooters are readily available online and come in super cool, trendy looks and sizes. Installing the lights onto your longboard is simple. The lights principally come in two modes – Steady Glowing – which glows in a dimmer mode, and Fast Glowing. Read our guide below as we examine some of the best longboard lights available on the market at the moment.

Longboard Lights – Which are the Best Longboard Lights?

Board Blazers LED Underglow Board Lights

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Are these the best longboard lights for sale?

These are some of the best longboard lights are able to give your longboard a one of a kind, futuristic appearance. These are slick lights – and although small in size, these are able to cast a radiant glow as you glide along on your longboard. The lights are able to create vivid effects by shining beams onto the ground. These longboard lights are very light in weight, so won’t slow you down. It is important to note that these lights will not compromise the safety of your longboard ride. In fact, they will improve your safety as you are more likely to be seen.

These lights are available in 8 attractive colors. Every package comes with 4 lights of similar color and draw power from small durable lithium batteries. There are no bulky wires or a large battery pack that will slow you down. You can just stick the lights onto your board and start using them right away. The lights have to be manually turned on or off. These lights would suit some of the best dancing longboards.

NiteFX LED Light Riding Kit

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These are excellent lights for your longboard

These lights are ideal for bikes, skateboards and scooters due to the fact that they come in dual modes. Such lights can either crazily blink in a special “Power Pulse” mode or blink steadily. The kit comes in varied colors and the one that you choose should depend on your personal preferences. Dark blue and green colored ones look the best in my own personal view. The kit consists of a battery housing and dual self-adhesive strips to make installation as easy as possible. Most customers have praised the fact that the lights can be installed in only 5 minutes.

These longboard lights are powered by a 9V LED battery which is energy efficient. The material is a combination of plastic and metal. The product has a shipping weight of 0.25 pounds and measures 4.72 x 1.18 x 10.24 inches in dimensions. Buyers love the fact that these longboard lights offer an excellent level of brightness. When it is dark, you are able to make yourself visible on the road and avoid crashing or being crashed into.

The kit comes with all the hardware which is needed for mounting. Installation can easily be done, and even if you are a rookie you can set these lights up without any professional assistance. There is 360 degree visibility, which ensures complete safety when riding at night.

GlowCity UnderGlow Light Up LED Lights (6 PACK) For Longboards,Skateboards and Scooters

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Lights for longboards from Glow City

These longboard lights coms from the brand GlowCity, and are made up of 6 very bright LED lights comprising of 3M Velcro of premium quality. These lights are actually designed for a range of products such as scooters, longboards and skateboards.

These lights are an ideal combination of safety and style, and can make fantastic presents. The product is offered with a money back guarantee of 30 days by the manufacturer, which shows how confident the makers are about the quality of the product. The pink lights would be well suited for longboards for girls.

Landwalker LED Underglow Skateboard Lights

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Check out these longboard lights

These are ultra-bright LED lights which are available in as many as 7 varied colors. Customers love them due to their very light weight, water-resistance and durability. As these are waterproof, you can use these lights in any type of weather.

The Landwalker LED Underglow Skateboard Lights are self-adhesive, and can easily be attached to longboards. As compared to other LED items, you will not find any complex wiring or heavy battery packs. Simply stick them in position and continue to ride. Such lights cast vivid and bright effects on the ground. Lights of varied colors can be combined to make a personal style and allow you to set your longboard apart from the rest.

Every light is powered by small Lithium batteries and can be replaced with ease. The lights can be manually turned on or off. Remember to place the lights near the center of your longboard.

Fingo LED Underglow Longboard Lights

These are cool and trendy lights which have a soft underglow. You can find this kit in a wide variety of colors, and each color has a similarly powerful glow. Such kinds of lights have varied light modes and draw power from the dual CR2032 button batteries.