Longboard Nose Guard Guide – Which are the Best Longboard Nose Guards to Buy?

Longboard Nose Guard Guide – Which are the Best Longboard Nose Guards to Buy?

July 15, 2016 0 By Chad Smith

As we know, riding longboards can be tremendous fun, but it can also be dangerous if you fall off. It can also be dangerous for your longboard. Gloves, longboard helmets, knee pads and elbow pads are just some of the safety gear that you should wear whilst riding a longboard. But, what about the longboard you are using? The Longboard Nose Guard prevents your longboard from being damaged and makes it last longer.

What is a Longboard Nose Guard?

Simply put, it is a protective sheet placed over the nose of your longboard. Tests have shown that longboards can last for up to two years longer if you fit your longboard with a nose guard.

Damage can occur to your longboard when you lose control of your longboard during tricks and stunts. Irrespective of the severity of the impact, the nose guard acts as a barrier between the collision and the board, and prevents any shock or force transferring to the longboard.

Things to Consider While Buying Longboard Nose Guards

While buying a nose guard to mount onto your longboard, here are the important points to consider:

  • Fit – Make sure that the nose guard fits tighly against your longboard. In other words, there has to be sufficient space between your longboard nose as well as the nose protector. This will ensure that optimal protection is offered by the protector. Having enough space will allow the protector to absorb the greatest amount of force at the time of impact.
  • Types of Longboard Nose Guards – There are many different types of longboard nose guard products on the market at the moment, but not every nose guard offers the same type or amount of protection that your longboard requires. The extent of protection tends to vary according to the type of material that a nose is made of. Nose guards can be made of plastic, rubber, and even eleven gauge steel and other strong alloys to offer more protection for your longboard. The alloy nose guards can absorb impact much better and offer your longboard a higher level of protection. The alloy longboard nose guards are a little more expensive, but they are certainly worth investing in if you want to offer your longboard the greatest amount of protection.
  • Choose Good Longboard Brands – High quality longboard nose guards are manufactured by brands such as Nose Job, Surf Co Hawaii and Surf. The cost and type of construction vary according to the brands you are going for. Brands like Surf Co Hawaii are also bringing out nose guard kits that allow you to manually set these nose guards to your longboardC.

What are some of the Best Longboard Nose Guards?

Now that you have understood what longboard nose guards are and why they are used, take a look at some of the best longboard nose guard models on the market.

Nosejob Nose Guard

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Is the Nosejob the best longboard nose guard?

If you are looking for a nose guard which will offer excellent protection to your longboard, then look no further than the Nose Job! It is big, heavy and constructed out of durable plastic. It is suitable for top-mount, aswell as drop-down longboards. We found this longboard nose guard to be very easy to install.

Before setting up this kind of nose guard, you have to leave a gap of 1/8 inches – 3/18 inches between the nose guard and the deck. This will ensure your longboard is offered the maximum amount of protection.

Oberand Nose Guard

This is a very strong protector which can help keep your board safe. It is constructed out of steel alloy, which ensures optimal protection. These longboard nose guard products look slightly different from the Nose Job Nose Guard reviewed above. The Oberand nose guard is simple to install, which can’t be said for some of its competitors. Other than the appearance and ease of installation, the Oberand Nose Guards also differ from the Nose Job nose guards in their appearance. The Oberand offers an excellent level of protection and comes highly recommended by our review team.

Powell Peralta Nose Bone

These nose guards are available in a wide variety of colors and are constructed out of special rubber. The nose guard is easy to install as all you need to do is screw the device onto your board. No technical knowledge is required!

Customers have praised the excellent quality of this nose guard and reported that it is suitable for stopping or grinding longboards. This small guard is very lightweight (just 1.6 ounces). It’s dimesions are 7.6×3.5×0.7 inches.

There is no need for longboard brakes with this nose guard. Use of a foot brake to bring longboards to a stop without setting up this type of guard beforehand can have disastrous consequences for the nose of the longboard.