Longboard Rack Guide – What are the Best Longboard Racks?

Longboard Rack Guide – What are the Best Longboard Racks?

April 15, 2016 0 By Chad Smith

Trying to find the best longboard rack can be very difficult. Longboard racks are not protective devices, as some people would like to believe. These are meant for preserving longboards, wakeboards, skateboards and various other kinds of boards. If you are planning to buy a longboard rack, make sure that it is constructed out of strong and long-lasting material. Many of the top of the line racks are constructed out of metal, ABS plastic or wood. Metallic or wooden racks can last longer than those constructed out of plastic due to strength and durability. These racks are available in varied sizes and can be placed anywhere, whether on walls or on floors. We have decided to review some of the best longboard rack products on the market today.

Which Longboard Rack Should I Buy?

Skateboard Storage Display Rack – Invisible Clear Wall Mount Display

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This is a great longboard rack which gets a great review from our team.

This longboard rack comes from the brand C3 Clear Choice Concepts, and the clear acrylic rack lets your deck stay stored safely. The plastic bracket is strong and extremely thick, and will not move once it is mounted on your wall at home. The rack can hold your board well enough, and its unique design doesn’t make it an eye sore.

The black deck coloring allows you to add stickers of your choice, to make it look personalized which is a nice touch. This is a solid longboard rack and comes highly recommended from our in-house review team. It can be mounted on the wall with ease – even a DIY novice can do it!

Storeyourboard Skateboard Rack

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These are great longboard racks to store three boards.

The Storeyourboard longboard rack is versatile and light in weight. It is medium in size and comes in at a competitive price in our view. It is able to hold just 3 longboardboards, as it small in size, but this may be suitable for most peoples needs anyway. The rack can also be used for holding rip sticks, razors and scooters as well as other gears. You can easily place gears such as water ski boards, snowboard and skis in this rack aswell!

COR Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack

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These bambo longboard racks look great

This is a low-cost and long-lasting longboard rack, which is small in size. It has a basic design and can be easily set up. The rack has earned rave reviews from customers on the pages of online stores, which allows it to be listed on our website.

The rack is constructed out of bamboo, which is environment-friendly and natural. You will not have to be concerned about causing danger to the environment with this rack. With this rack, you can store your board adequately. Unlike some other longboard racks, it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The back of the rack is made of bamboo and can keep the dirty wheels of the board from coming in contact with the wall. Consumers have liked this feature and it is one thing that sets this rack apart from the competition.

Although the rack is small in size, it can fit penny boards, longboards and skateboards. Even if you lack suitable appliances for mounting the rack, there are no issues considering the fact that this rack comes with the mounting hardware required to set it up.

The product is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The wall rack can keep your house looking clean and beautiful. An environment friendly rack made of bamboo gets a big tick from us!

Pro Board Racks Skateboard Floor Display Rack

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This is the best longboard rack in our opinion.

Pro Board Racks are available in two different variations. They are the  “Skateboard Longboard Snowboard Floor Display Rack” (Cascade) and Skateboard Snowboard Longboard Floor Display Rack (Pro).

Both racks can be installed with ease and although these are quite a bit bigger than the COR Surf Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack reviewed above, this allows you greater storage space for your board. It is possible to store up to 8 boards in The Cascade version while The Pro version allows you to place a maximum of 7 boards.

Most of the buyers have loved these board racks due to the fact that no hardware or screws are essential for the installation/ You will only have to fit the cross beams with grooves in order to attach this longboard rack. The entire rack can fit together in only 4 pieces while the two grooved cross beams can allow you to easily snap together the board. Both versions have had great reviews from our review team. This longboard rack is also my personal favorite.

What Longboard Racks Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing one of these longboard racks, you have to consider a number of factors in order to make the best selection. The costs of the racks vary and you should choose one which matches your budget, as they all offer the same level of performance. Another point to consider is the appearance and you have to get one which is aesthetic and makes your wall look as elegant and stain free as possible. You should also consider whether or not the rack can be installed easily without lots of tools being required. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us.