Longboard Shapes Guide – What are the different Longboard Shapes?

Longboard Shapes Guide – What are the different Longboard Shapes?

November 17, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Longboards are available in decks of varied shapes and technologies which can make many changes to their overall performance. All these aspects go on to make a lot of difference to the overall feel of the deck. Read on to know about some common longboard shapes and a list of the common longboards of such shapes from some major brands.

What are the different longboard shapes available?

1) Pintail Longboard Shape

This is a traditional surf-inspired shape which can be found on many pumping boards, carving boards and cruisers. It has a wider base middle which tapers off sharply on the tail and nose at variable sharpness.

Atom Pintail Longboard – This classic pintail shape deck comes with 78A urethane wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and 8.5-inch aluminum trucks. It can help you avoid the risk of wheel bite and the board is perfect for longboard riders who are beginners. Take a look at our more in depth look athe Atom Pintail Longboard here.

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The Atom Pintail longboard is an example of a pintail shaped longboard

2) Fishtail Longboard Shape

These resemble pintail but are generally on the shorter side and consist of a spilt tail to resemble a split tail surf board style. You will find a lot of cruiser and mini-cruiser boards in these shapes.

Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board Skateboard (27-Inch) – This 27-Inch Cruiser Board has a 7-ply all hardwood maple deck with durable 70mm pu wheels and rugged 6-inch aluminum trucks. It has a fish tail with slight kick. Read about other Quest longboards.

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Longboard shapes such as the fishtail allow excellent control.


3. Blunt Longboard Shape

It comes with a rounder and wider nose than the pintail and these cannot accommodate larger wheels at all times. These shapes are used in banks and bowls.

Blunt Longboard Complete Pintail 42″x9.5″ Cruiser Canadian Maple – This 42 X 9.5 inch full maple deck can offer 9.6-inches of leverage in each turn and help you to avoid the risk of wheel bite. The 70 mm wheels have 83A hardness and 70% rebound and are perfect for downhill carving. The trucks have Abec-9 special bearing, which ensure maximum smooth rolling.

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Longboard shapes such as Blunt enable excellent performance.



4. Mini cruiser longboard shape

While not technically a ‘longboard’, this shape is common for many people that want a compact crusier setup. These are usually blunt/pin shaped and under 33″ long. Nice for people that want something that can fit in or on their bag for quick and easy transport from A-B.

Mini Street Cruiser Complete 17″ Banana Skateboard w/ ABEC-5 Bearings (Red) – The board comes with a 17 x 5″ deck, 5″ trucks and abec-5 bearings with the deck designed for optimum grip.

Mini Cruiser longboard shapes offer perfect cruising.


5. Twin longboard shape

First introduced in the 90s, these are now wider and offer more stability to riders.

Osprey Twin Tip Longboard Skateboard – This board has a 7 Ply Canadian Maple deck, 18cm drop through trucks and abec-5 carbon bearings. It is available in two designs.

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This longboard is an example of a twin shape.

6. Cutout longboard shape

It offers the most wheel clearance and the shape is used in a lot of downhill, freeride and freestyle setups.

7. Drop down longboard shape

It consists of a lower deck and is paired generally with cutout shaped decks.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard – The 41.25″ x 9″ board has a Concave Drop Down Shape and a 9-Ply Canadian Maple deck. It has 70×52 mm wheels of 78A hardness and consists of Abec 7 bearings. The .675″ HD7 heavy duty trucks are made of aluminum alloy. Have a look at other Yocaher longboards.

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Longboard shapes such as the Yocaher are perfect for speedboarding.


8. Speedboard longboard shape

It allows the greatest stability at high speeds and are very stable and super stiff for highspeed riding.

Moose Drop Through Speedboard Complete Longboard (76mm Wheels)

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Longboard shapes such as this are perfect for speedboarding.