Longboard Stick Guide – What are the Best Longboard Sticks?

Longboard Stick Guide – What are the Best Longboard Sticks?

August 15, 2016 0 By Chad Smith

Many longboard users are unaware of longboard sticks and how they can help them maintain stability on their longboard. Longboard stick devices are special types of sticks which are ideal for amateur skaters, kids or virtually anyone who would like to skate without using their feet to touch the ground whilst riding. You can just cruise along while firmly standing on your skateboard or longboard, and not have to use your feet to push yourself ahead. These poles can actually make riding a longboard more safer.

What are the Best Longboard Stick Products?

A number of factors have to be kept in mind when you are looking to select the best longboard sticks.

Material of construction

This is the most important factor to consider. Longboard sticks are used when you are in motion, and they should be constructed out of strong and durable materials. This is exactly the reason why aluminum and other metallic alloys, and even wood, are used as the base material for their construction. Wooden sticks are stronger but also heavier, which makes them less pricey. Aluminum sticks are a little more expensive, due to the more complex manufacturing process, but they can be folded up for storage, which isn’t able to be done with a wooden longboard stick.
Many of these sticks are also constructed out of a special type of polycarbonate casing, which is the same kind of material used for making bulletproof vests. These ensure sturdier protection and prevent breakage. These high quality sticks can have 2 years of constant usage, without breaking, bending or suffering any scratches.

Brand name

Look for sticks available from reputed longboard brands, to ensure you are buying a longboard stick with superior quality and construction. Reputed brands are always coming out with high quality sticks, made out of quality materials such as aluminum which offer durability.


The cost of longboard sticks differs on the basis of the type of material that is used in their construction. Ones that are made of expensive materials such as aluminum are sure to cost more than those made of wood. The type of features, such as fold-ability, also dictates the price.


The warranty period from the manufacturer hints about how long the longboard stick is expected to last. Go for ones that come with a longer warranty. Those longboard sticks without a warranty should be avoided.

What are the Best Longboard Sticks to Buy?

You can choose from any of the following longboard sticks.

Kahuna Creations Adjustable Big Stick

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Is this the best longboard stick?

This longboard stick is one of the classic and evergreen choices. It is suitable for riders with height varying between 4’ 5” to 6’4”. If you like stand up paddle boarding, it is the ideal crossover model to consider. It consists of a state of the art V2 thermoplastic elastomer road blade, which prevents wear and tear and ensures good performance and stability.
This stick can be collapsed to only 44 inches when not in use, and this makes it easy and portable to carry around. It has a very strong shaft which is constructed out of superior aluminum. There is also a soft grip handle, which ensures optimal comfort at the time of use. The stick weighs 2.3 pounds and measures 1.7 x 2.5 x 43 inches in dimensions. It is available in varied sizes and colors, and ensures smoother rides, better balance, more satisfaction and better performance whilst riding your longboard.

Land Paddle UK Kahuna Stick

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This longboard stick is very tough and durable, considering the fact that it is constructed out of polycarbonate casing, the same type of material used in bulletproof vests.
This stick makes use of robust Hawaiian fabric, covered with a fiberglass wrap layer which is used for protection from weather. The vulcanized rubber road grip in the handle of the stick ensures smoothness and comfort while riding. There are dampening holes to reduce bulk and offer a high quality stroke to riders. The manufacturer offers a 2 year guarantee, which is useful to have.

Sk8pole Aluminum Pole

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Here are some of the best longboard sticks

This is a perfect stick for land paddlers and has become quite popular in the last few years. The Sk8pole is light in weight, and is easy to use and we believe it makes commuting easier for longboard riders. The stick can be adjusted in size, and can be collapsed easily to as low a height as 33 inches. It is constructed out of aluminum, which is a lightweight metal. allowing the pole to only weight 2 pounds. The pusher tip forms an excellent contact with the ground ensuring stability whilst riding.
The Sk8pole Aluminum Pole is available in a black and silver color. The package dimensions are 2.7x 2.7 x 33.7 inches and the entire shipping weight only amounts to 2 pounds.

These are some of the best longboard sticks that are currently available on the market, in our opinion. Irrespective of which of these three sticks you choose for your commuting purposes, you can rest assured that you have made a great choice!