Longboard Stroller Guide – What are the Best Longboard Strollers?

Longboard Stroller Guide – What are the Best Longboard Strollers?

May 15, 2016 0 By Chad Smith

If you are tired of regular longboarding and looking for a new way to cruise, a longboard stroller is just what you need. These help cover longer distances and the fact that these are eco-friendly and sporty makes these cruisers fun-to-use. Although these are still in the stage of development, they will get better and better as time passes and technology develops. Longboard strollers are basically a cross between longboards and children’s strollers, and these are safe as well as practical. There are many longboard strollers in the market, and each of these comes with unique features and characteristics. Find out about some of the best longboard strollers in the market by reading our review below.

What is the Best Longboard Stroller in our view? How about these longboards for strollers…

Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board for Strollers G2 and G3

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This is the best longboard stroller from our reviews.

This longboard stroller is from the Orbit Baby brand, and is made out of PVC-free material. It comes with wood treatment, adhesive and grip tape. There are no handlebars in the stroller and it has been built with a skateboard style. It is very flexible to use.

The stroller can easily be detached and stored with convenience. The sidekick design makes the product unique and when tested, we found no problems with its performance. The double-helix handle can be attached to the stroller in around 3 minutes and can also be taken off easily whenever needed. The unit has a 360° base, which makes it quite useful. The stroller is not heavy and can be folded and stored.

Englacha Usa Englacha Plastic Board Rider, Black

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These are some of the best longboard strollers for sale.

This longboard stroller is from Englacha USA and comes with an innovative design. You can transform the stroller into a double to provide your toddler with a fun ride. It can be detached from and attached on most strollers, prams and buggies with ease. There are adaptors of 3 varied sizes included and the height as well as width can be adjusted in order to match the stroller you are using.

Customers have loved the product for the fact that it is sturdy, and can bear the weight of kids very easily. There are no attachments which have to be left on the stroller. It can be taken off completely when not in use. Also, we found this longboard stroller a lot easier to install compared to some of its competitors.

It can work on any type of terrain, and is perfect for cruising.

Baby Jogger Glider Board for City/Summit

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This is a great longboard for strollers.

This longboard stroller comes from the Baby Jogger brand, and measures 5.51 pounds in weight with dimensions of 4.33 x 12.99 x 16.53 inches. It can hold a total weight of 45 pounds. The board can be affixed to the rear axle of a double or single Baby Jogger stroller. It can offer space to an older kid for rides.

This is a strong board and can easily hold the weight of your kid. It can be taken off strollers with ease.

UPPAbaby Vista Piggyback Ride-Along Board

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This is ideal for a stroller for longboard

This stroller for longboards is from the UPPAbaby brand, and has been designed to support a maximum weight of 50 pounds. It is made of eco-friendly, natural wood and has a non-skid surface which can help avoid slipping. The board can be snapped on as well as off, and also lifted out when not being used.

Most of the buyers have appreciated the ability of the board to hold up to 3 kids, a feat that cannot be achieved by many other boards. The quality of the wood used for construction is strong and excellent, and there are minimal risks of damage even with a heavier kid on board. Its black grip surface has a texture like sandpaper and does not seem like it will get peeled while wet.

As the wheels have soft rubber, they can roll with ease without producing much noise. If you do not like a board that screeches, this one is the right choice for you!

Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board

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This is a great longboard stroller which we love!

This longboard stroller is offered by the brand Bumbleride, and can be used along with indie twin, indie 4 and bumbleride indie strollers. Its clamp attachment can be set up with ease. Its deck can prevent slippage while riding, and it is able to support a weight of up to 44 pounds.

The board can be affixed to the rear of compatible strollers. For toddlers who are growing, these can help cross the stage of transition to childhood. The two wheels can swivel and are long-lasting, and ensures that users can get optimal tracking and ability to maneuver easily while cruising.

Most of the customers have expressed satisfaction with the stroller board. Although a few of them wished that it could be folded when not in use, although most buyers have been happy with the product. Most of the reported that it can easily be attached to strollers and used in varied terrains without any issues.


2015 Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller, Rocking Black

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This longboard stroller comes from the Quinny brand, and boasts of a maple wood deck of premium quality. It consists of a toddler push chair made of superior aluminum and ABS plastic. The stroller comes with a fold system that can easily be folded as well as unfolded with the help of an innovative hydraulic system.

The rugged tires can work on any type of terrain, and never go flat. It consists of long-lasting materials. It has a bigger canopy, which consists of a visor that allows higher amount of protection from sun rays. The fabric seat is extremely comfortable and well-cushioned, and it can be set up facing the rear as well as the front. Customers have loved the stroller for the large canopy, easy foldability and adjustability in size.