Santa Cruz Longboard Review – What is the Best Santa Cruz Longboard?

Santa Cruz Longboard Review – What is the Best Santa Cruz Longboard?

November 10, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

Santa Cruz is a reputed name in the longboard industry and is known for its line of superior quality longboards that has captured the attention of beginners and expert riders alike. The organization is known for some of the most unique surfing boards in the market and many riders are curious about which ones are actually the best ones from the brand. This Santa Cruz Longboard Review will inform you about some of the best longboard units for your particular riding style.

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Santa Cruz Longboard Review

So what are the longboards that we recommend? Well read on to find out.

Santa Cruz Drop-Thru Death Pool 9.9×38.38 Complete Longboard Skateboard

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The board is 9.9″ X 38.38″ in dimensions and has a Drop-Thru design. It is fitted with wheels and trucks and since there is no assembly needed, you can simply take it out of the box and start riding on it. The board is quite easy to maneuver and it is perfectly suited to ride downhill or perform tricks on it on the sidewalk while on the move. You are able to feel your feet locked in safely while riding for added security. The board can help you to slide faster, more aggressively and comfortably than those from other brands.

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Santa Cruz Star Wars Darth Vader Cruzer Complete Longboard

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This 32 inch long Star Wars themed longboard is fitted with 68mm, Star Wars cruzer wheels of 78a durometer and bullet trucks. The longboard sports the graphic image of Darth Vader, possibly the most iconic character that the Star Wars filmsĀ have produced. It comes with all the superior quality components that you can expect from a longboard of Santa Cruz. The board is meant to bring out your inner Jedi and give you a trip that seems like a ride through the stars!

This Star Wars longboard got top marks in our Santa Cruz Longboard Review

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Pintail Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 43.5″

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The 9.9 X 43.5 board has a wheelbase of 31.619 and the pintail is ideal for the lifestyle of a hard core cruiser. It has soft wheels which can help you get just anywhere that you like. Its deck has been fully constructed out of North American Maple and the board has a lucid pintail shape. The unit comes equipped mobile number locator with name and address with Trucks 65mm, 78A wheels and Abec 3 bearings. All the components are held together by a spray on grip. It allows you to float sideways or smoothly glide downhill.

This is probably the best Santa Cruz longboard in terms of design as mentioned in our Santa Cruz Longboard Review.

Santa Cruz Simpsons Duff Pintail Cruzer Skateboard (9.9 X 43.5-Inch)

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The Duff Pin Tail cruzer complete skateboard comes from the line of Santa Cruz Skateboards and has a deck measuring 9.9 x 43.5 inches. It is equipped with Road Rider “Tens” wheels and 50-millimeter Bullet Cutbacks trucks. The board has a metallic ink and inset bottle opener. There is no risk of wheel bite and the board allows you to stay near to the ground and maintain your center of gravity. You can maneuver it smoothly on any terrain that you like and it allows you to ride downhill with comfort, offering you the kind of security that you are looking for.

This Duff Beer longboard is perfect for The Simpsons fan and gets good reviews in our Santa Cruz Longboard Review.