Freeboarding – what is freeboarding?

Freeboarding – what is freeboarding?

November 13, 2014 0 By Chad Smith

We are often asked – what is freeboarding. Freeboarding refers to a special type of activity which involves using a freeboard, which is a special type of skateboard which has been designed to imitate the behavior of snowboards very closely. It is different from longboarding. We have written an article on what is longboarding here.

These were devised in order to assist snowboarders in changing to skateboarding without requiring a board with a narrower wheel-base and a smaller deck. This type of board typically consists of 6 wheels – 2 spring-locked center wheels and 4 normal skateboard-style wheels at every corner. The wheels are located on the central axis and can help you turn the board freely in every direction and allow it to slide in a lateral manner provided not any of the 4 wheels at the corner are having any contact with the ground. This resembles the standard “side-to-side” movement of snowboard riding. Riders, by exerting pressure over the corner wheels, can control the board in an able manner.

What are the best freeboarding boards for sale?

Ignition Maple Complete

The board comprises of 2 G3 trucks, 1 G3 deck and 4 Freebord edge wheels of your preference. There is 1 pair of S2 bindings and 2 Labeda 72mm center wheels. The package also comes with a hangtag and a hardware pack. Although it can be quite awkward for you to ride the unit on middle wheels and even find it tough to take a good turn, you will be adept at handling the unit within a few days and even ride it like a snowboarder. Even if you have not handled a longboard or a skateboard at any time before, you will find it one of the easiest board-on-wheels to ride.

It is difficult sometimes to get the best freeboarding equipment - but this board from Ignition is the best freeboard for sale at the moment.

Chaos Maple Complete

The package comes with 1 G3 deck, a hangtag, 2 G3 trucks, 4 Freebord edge wheels of your preference and a hardware pack along with 2 Labeda 72mm center wheels and a pair of S2 bindings. This is one of the better looking freeboards for sale at the moment and our panel loved the light blue finish of the board which really sets it apart from other freeboarding products.

This freeboard called the Chaos Maple provides excellent stability.

Mr. Blonde Maple Complete

The unit comes with a hangtag, 1 G3 deck, a pair of S2 bindings, 2 G3 trucks, 4 Freebord edge wheels that you choose, 2 Labeda 72mm center wheels and a hardware pack. All the components are of high quality. This is quite safe freeboard to use and our panel found the stability was excellent. This could be ideal for beginners to freeboarding. But seasoned experts will still find it suitable for their needs aswell.

This is a great looking freeboard and gets top marks from our review panel.

Silencer Maple Complete

This is a high quality board which boasts of superior components and the package includes one pair of S2 bindings, one G3 deck, two Freebord 72mm center wheels, four Freebord edge wheels of your liking, two G3 trucks, hangtag and hardware pack. All of the parts of the board are of high quality and construction.

This is one of the best freeboards for sale and it is called the Silencer Maple.